New Blog-New Name

Updated: Apr 10

My blog is now titled “This is Me”. I realized that there was very little of me on my website.

I have become so accustomed to hiding so that I wouldn’t be judged or hurt, that it was easy just to use Oracle cards as personal statements.

This new blog will contain personal stories that I believe illustrate that the Divine works through others and through me for others.

I was reminded today while glancing at what my husband was watching on TV about how often the kindness of friends and strangers helped me survive.

The following is one such story about the kindness shown me.

I was in my 20’s working full time at an insurance company as a commercial rater. Raters manually created premiums for commercial insurance policies according to the description of property, where it was, and what it was used for. In those days commercial policy premiums were figured manually with pencil and paper.

I was divorced and had a toddler. I had an unexpected expense and had no money for food or gas about a week before payday. My supervisor knew of my situation and one day set a big bag of groceries on my desk. We weren’t close or even friends and I don’t remember what she said or what I said but I do know that that bag of groceries got me and my daughter through until pay day.

My life is filled with stories like this and times when I’ve helped a stranger. I think the world is filled with people like this who don’t necessarily make big gestures or donations but who are there at just the right time with just the right help.

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