• Diane M Dawson

I'm so L-O-S-T

Do you ever feel so lost you can't even think? You have too many feelings? Don't know what to do?

I do. Sometimes to the point where I can't really even help myself.

They happen for various reasons, too much is going on, I feel out-of-control, nothing feels like it's going the way I want, things aren't happening fast enough or within my expectations, I feel like I SHOULD be doing better, more, be prettier, be thinner. GAAAAA!!!!!!

Then I pile it on, all at once, and everything stops, I can't move, think, be.

What do I do? I do SOMETHING. I get on the treadmill, take a walk, do chores, listen to music or just listen to a guided meditation (not DO a guided meditation-just listen to it) until I feel like I can spiritually function again.

I don't get these hours, days, or weeks of feeling lost as much as I used to but they do happen.

I have learned that this will have an end and when it does I can get back to myself; I can connect with my guides again; I can use my oracle cards again; I can do protective or cleansing meditations again.

Luckily, fortunately, my guides are infinitely patient and loving and they are always there waiting from me to slog through my sludge.

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