This is a heartfelt and loving space. I will be writing here on various topics including an occasional oracle card pull. I encourage you to comment here and Ask Spirit a question. Of course, questions here will be viewed by my website visitors so if you want to ask a private question go to my contact page and ask it there. If you ask a question, it is implied that you give permission for me to connect with you.

My process for answering your question is that I enclose us both in an energetic safe space and then I ask my spirit guides what message they want to give you. This process is not always immediate so please be patient.

I have asked Spirit not to show me answers for the following questions: Am I going to die? When am I going to die, What are the lottery numbers? or anything fortune teller-ish, sexual, hate-based, disrespectful. Any question or comment that is inappropriate will be stricken from this blog.

From my heart to your heart - Diane Dawson

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