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Fall Equinox-Transitions

September 25, 2021  1 - 2:15pm

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The fall equinox was on September 22.  It marks the middle-ground, equal parts light and equal parts dark.

This class is a focus on our transitions.  It contains guided meditations, numerology, and the harvest Rune - Jera

Read Your Own Akashic Records

White Light Oracle Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Tentatively Scheduled for November 2021

Spirit Guides are always with us. More than any other entity, your guides have your greatest good at heart. Meeting and connecting with your guide or guides give you comfort and affirm your spiritual path.

We will do a guided meditation designed to introduce you to your guide or guides.

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Read Your Own Akashic Records

Part 01
Introduction to the Akashic Field

Part 02
Connecting to Your Spirit Guide

Part 03
Connecting to the Akashic Field

Part 04
Reading Your Records

Tentatively Scheduled for 
November 2021

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I will list out-of-town events here.  More on this soon..