My name is Diane Dawson.

I have 2 business ventures that seem to be lightyears apart but are connected in that they both promote clarity.  One business offers spiritual guidance and healing at a soul level, and the other, teaches small businesses cyber security.


Soul Healing Mentor

I am an old soul, in many practices referred to as Crone or High Priestess. I have empathic (I receive energy and messages by feelings emanating from persons, beings, and places) and psychic abilities.  I physically feel an individuals' emotional state.  I also channel messages being relayed to me by spiritual guides, mine and yours.

My purpose is to connect you to your light so that together we can illuminate the path your heart is meant to follow.  When the way forward isn't clear, a light at the horizon may be all you need.

The readings I perform provide answers to your questions, of course, and they are also an introduction to the story that is you.

The (SGSM™) sessions, templates and workshops I facilitate are from Alana Fairchild's Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring library of licensed practitioner subjects.  These programs allow you to learn more about your story; and to take you beyond your reading (your story's introduction).  They are designed to provide deeper insight into your story's chapters, and contain meditations and healing processes so that you can move your story forward with love, grace and clarity.

Cyber Security

I have been doing Information Security since 1998 with large corporations.  It was while setting up cyber protections for my own small business I realized that the tools I used in the corporate arena didn't scale down to me and my operation or budget.

I spent many months researching tools that provided my clients and my business the protections it needed.  The result is the template soon to be offered here and workshops designed to help small business owners understand their technology environment and what and how to use the tools available to us to reasonably protect it.


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