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Why I Write


Meet Diane


Psychic Assassin

Writing Psychic Assassin is a way for me to use fiction to meld my abilities, past, and traumas to exact a sort of payback to my abusers.

It's also a way to give power to the many unseen, seemingly ordinary, but remarkably strong women in the world. We have the power they can't touch and we will use it. 


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Psychic Assassin


Psychic Assassin

I was washing dishes after dinner when I realized that THIS is the ordinary life I always wished for…

But that’s not really the truth is it?

I still feel that specialness, that knowing, that I am different and , oh so capable, even still, of actions and projections beyond even the ordinary’s imagination.

I never cared, and I still don’t, who would know of my deeds or that I made a lot of money from them.  I cared about the doing of it-to the best of my ability.

Was I ridiculed by some, Yes.  But I was also praised as a god, revered and worshipped.

Over the millennia I have been known by many names-all lost to a forgotten history. I’ve never written of them nor spoken of them before today.

Why today?  I want it known that there are entities that exist that can easily do these things and that these entities do NOT include anyone famous or of notoriety-they, we, are not invisible but are the unseen.

There are stories of what was done, and of the archon directing things to be done.  All read and told as fiction, fantasy, mystery, lore, legend.  My stories are ongoing and some are written in this book.